The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

Help Me Help You!

Hi guys! I could use some help and I could use it from you!

You see, I write this blog to help teens live happy lives. I try to provide tips, tricks, advice & thoughts (I don’t confess to have all the answers) to some big questions like, “Who am I, Why am I Here, and What is Life all About Anyway?”. What’s most important to me though is providing content that’s most important to you. How can I help? What can I write about that will help you get through these teen years with grace, style and happiness? What questions can I answer? I’m not a therapist by any means (but I am a life coach) and I’m here to provide some guidance and honest answers just for you!

If you’d rather not post here you can DM me on twitter (@handbook4teens).

Your teen years really can be your best years and with a little help and guidance from the Secret Handbook, they can be even better.

Hugs to you!

Sometimes it’s ok to talk to yourself. Want to know why? Do this exercise.


Got a problem? An issue? A conundrum? Are you afraid to do something? Unsure of how to proceed? Why not ask yourself for the answer. I know that sounds strange but sometimes we already have the answers inside of us but we can’t see them for whatever reason.


Imagine yourself sitting on the bench above and imagine that you’re sitting next to yourself. After you’re done admiring how good looking you are, go ahead and ask away. What do you want to know?

You can ask things like:

How did you solve this issue?

When did things get easier?

What did you do to figure out problem X?

How did you stop stressing about Y?

What did you do to get over Z?

You may not get the specific answer you’re looking for but I guarantee you’ll answer back. After all, everyone loves to be asked for their opinion. Even when you ask yourself.

Start a conversation. You never know what you might learn.