The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

Shift Your Life & Perspective with One Simple Exercise

Have you ever noticed that you can just sort of float through life without really noticing what’s going on around you? Think about your day for a moment. You get up, stumble into the bathroom, get dressed, head out, drink some coffee, start your day, get through your day, eat some lunch, drink some coffee, come home, eat some dinner, drink some more coffee (ok, maybe I just drink this much coffee), do whatever it is you do in the evening and go back to bed to start all over again. We all get into this rhythm of life but we’re so asleep while we’re living we miss most of what’s going on around us.

Here’s a little exercise you can try to see every day things in a new light. Let’s take a tree as an example, A long time ago, someone decided that this large thing in front of us with a trunk and leaves should be called a tree. Ever since then, we have all walked around like little robots acknowledging in our periphery: Tree. Tree. Tree. Another Tree. Tree. Big Tree. Small tree. Dead Tree. Pretty Tree. Green Tree. Blah blah blah.

Now imagine that you have never seen a tree before. Imagine that you are just seeing this amazing thing for the first time and you have no idea what it is and you have no idea what it’s named. In fact, maybe it doesn’t even need a name. Maybe it just is. Really take some time to look at it. Look at how the sun filters through the leaves. Listen to how the wind blows through the branches. Look at the birds and bugs that use it’s trunk and branches for food, for support, for protection. Step back and really notice this thing that you previously have just skimmed over as tree.

Sort of makes you look at life a little differently doesn’t it? Once in awhile, try this little exercise with different items that you see and encounter in your every day life. Decide to notice it for the first time. Forget what you think you know about it including it’s name. Open your eyes to what is really before you. It’s a small but powerful way to shift your perspective which inevitably, shifts who you are just a little bit and that’s a good thing.

You try it now. Look at something around you. See if differently. Notice it. Describe it. Really really notice it. How did it shift your perspective? What did it make you think? Share with me and others to help teens live happy!

The 3 Things U Need to Stop Doing Right Now to Start Living

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“May you live all the days of your life.”  – Jonathan Swift

Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly:

Are you really living all the days of your life?

Are you truly present?

Are you making the most of the day you’ve been given?

If you answered no to any of the above then you need to stop doing these 3 things to live every day to its fullest:

1. Stop living in the past. 

The past is over. If you’re reliving the past today you’re not in the present. Step back and really think about this. Why are you letting the past take up the precious opportunity you’re being given today? You can’t change the past. It’s over. So why are you so obsessed with visiting it and trying to live there? Every moment you waste reliving the past is a moment you’re missing in the present and that’s a real shame.

2. Stop living the same story. 

Many of us define ourselves by the “story” of who we think we are. Maybe you were the kid who almost failed all of his classes. Maybe you were the shy kid who had trouble making friends.  Maybe you were the troublemaker who always seemed to be in hot water. You do realize that you don’t have to live that story right? You are the storyteller and the author of your life and you get to choose what story you’re going to tell. Sure people may expect you to live the same story line (especially if you kept choosing it day after day and year after year) but why not surprise them and yourself by writing the story you want to live.

3. Stop making excuses. 

Every day we are given a new opportunity to start over. In fact, you could stop reading this blog right now (though I hope you’ll make it to the end) and make a change in your life.  Even just a small one. So why haven’t you? Is it because you’re making excuses? I’m too tired. Too out of shape. Too weak. Too scared. Too untalented. What would happen if you stopped making excuses and actually started trying to live the life you want to lead? Why not make one small change today in order to live the life you want to live? Start small but start.

Stop doing just one of the three things above today (See how easy that is! I’m not even asking you to do all three!) and watch how the day starts to look different.

Live your life today. Live it to the fullest.

And when you’re done, be grateful and get ready to live again tomorrow.

Did You Know There is a Secret Handbook 4 Teens?

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Did you know that adults are keeping some major secrets from you when it comes to finding your happiness in life? I mean really, just think about the advice you get in school and how basic it is:

Don’t do drugs.

Be careful when you use social media.

Don’t be a bully.

Study/work hard.

Don’t drink/text and drive.

Choose nice friends.

Follow your dreams (though you don’t really get the tools to learn how to do this last one.)

Pretty basic stuff  if you ask me. Perhaps adults don’t think you’re capable of handling or learning more than this vanilla bean fluff in your teens? Perhaps they think if you learn these secrets you will grow up to be happier or more powerful than they are (which is truly terrifying to adults)? It could just be that you won’t or don’t spend a lot of money on fancy self-help books or courses so you’re left out because you’re just not a profitable audience. Maybe all of the above.

But surely you’ve noticed that the self-help and spirituality sections in bookstores (do you go to bookstores anymore? Ok, the self-help section on your iPad or Kindle or Nook) are brimming with books teaching adults how to be their best selves. I mean, let’s face it, Oprah has built an empire on teaching others how to be their best selves (and Oprah – I mean no disrespect for truly I worship at your altar like many others) but what about teens? Why has none of this info been shared with you guys?

As the step-mother to a 13 year-old teen and the aunt to assorted nieces and nephews and a successful survivor of Life, I have become passionate about sharing these secrets with you.  You shouldn’t have to wait until freshman year in college and your first philosophy course to learn this stuff. You shouldn’t  have to wait to be 42 years-old before you pick up a self-help book.

My goal is to help you find answers to the big questions like:

Who am I?

What is the purpose of life?

Why am I here?

How do I create the life of my dreams?

I’m also going to share a whole bunch of other big secrets, tools, tips and tricks for not only surviving, but thriving in your teenage years – for FREE!

I believe you’re ready for this.

I believe it’s time to share these secrets.

I believe in you.