The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

Help Other Teens Live Happy! Publish on My Blog & Share Your Story!

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Want 2 help other teens live happy? Want to write for this blog and see your stuff published?

Ok teens, up to this point I’ve shared 7 secrets to life and lots of other tips, thoughts and tools to help you live happy. Now I want to hear from you but, more importantly, I want the rest of the world to hear from you too! I’ve decided that since this blog is really all about you that I want to publish your thoughts and experiences here. Part of this is purely selfish in that I want to know what your lives are really like and how I can be more  helpful. In order to do that, I need to hear from you directly. The other bigger part of wanting to publish you is because I want all of you to learn and grown from each other. Sometimes it seems like we’re really alone in the world but in reality, there are others out there who are dealing and struggling with the exact same things. That’s why I want to use this space to connect all of you to each other and I have readership from all over the world so you will literally be making an international impact!

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Hey, someone is actually asking teenagers for their opinion. What a novel idea.


Hey you out there! Yo! Excuse me!

Yes, I’m talking to you. You are a teenager right? (If you’re an adult reading this page ‘cause you’re curious and because no one ever shared the secrets to life with you that’s ok too.)

I need your help.

You see, I’ve put this blog together to be helpful for teens. The secrets and tools I’m sharing are concepts and universal truths that most adults don’t share with you guys because they think you can’t handle it, you’re too immature, your brains aren’t developed enough for it, blah blah blah. (And PS – aren’t you sick of being told that you do things differently or can’t do things at all because that part of your brain hasn’t developed yet? I get that its science but I also think it just discredits you but now I’m really getting off topic.)

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