The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

Hey, someone is actually asking teenagers for their opinion. What a novel idea.


Hey you out there! Yo! Excuse me!

Yes, I’m talking to you. You are a teenager right? (If you’re an adult reading this page ‘cause you’re curious and because no one ever shared the secrets to life with you that’s ok too.)

I need your help.

You see, I’ve put this blog together to be helpful for teens. The secrets and tools I’m sharing are concepts and universal truths that most adults don’t share with you guys because they think you can’t handle it, you’re too immature, your brains aren’t developed enough for it, blah blah blah. (And PS – aren’t you sick of being told that you do things differently or can’t do things at all because that part of your brain hasn’t developed yet? I get that its science but I also think it just discredits you but now I’m really getting off topic.)

Anyway, I think I have important stuff for you to know now but I also realize this may not be what’s on your mind. So, I need your help.

Tell me what you need. What questions do you have? What issues are you struggling with?

Want help balancing school and life? Need advice with friendships? Your parents? Relationships? What to study in college? How to study or how to study more effectively? What shoes look good with that top? (which I may or may not be able to help with because we’re all lifelong students of fashion’s fickle changes.)

Please tell me what you need because while I may post content and manage this website, it’s really yours and it will only be useful if I know what you need.

I promise I’ll do my best to be helpful and if I don’t think I can be, I’ll tell you that too.

So, help please!

Tweet me @handbook4teens or comment here. Please share with your friends too!

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