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Help Other Teens Live Happy! Publish on My Blog & Share Your Story!

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Want 2 help other teens live happy? Want to write for this blog and see your stuff published?

Ok teens, up to this point I’ve shared 7 secrets to life and lots of other tips, thoughts and tools to help you live happy. Now I want to hear from you but, more importantly, I want the rest of the world to hear from you too! I’ve decided that since this blog is really all about you that I want to publish your thoughts and experiences here. Part of this is purely selfish in that I want to know what your lives are really like and how I can be more  helpful. In order to do that, I need to hear from you directly. The other bigger part of wanting to publish you is because I want all of you to learn and grown from each other. Sometimes it seems like we’re really alone in the world but in reality, there are others out there who are dealing and struggling with the exact same things. That’s why I want to use this space to connect all of you to each other and I have readership from all over the world so you will literally be making an international impact!

Here some ground rules  & things to consider:

1. Check out the List of Secrets and other posts on this blog and write about them. What do you relate to? What have you experienced in your own life? Have you tried any of the tips and tricks and had them help? Are there issues you struggle with that maybe others can help you with? For example, are there certain things that your little voice tells you all the time that undermine your happiness and yet you just can’t stop thinking them? Are the instances in life when it’s really hard to just like yourself, never mind love yourself, that you’ve still managed to overcome? Are there goals you’ve achieved because you’ve been using some of secrets, tips and tools (whether you realized they were secrets, tips and tools or not)?  I will consider all posts but since my goal is to help teens live happy I’m particularly interested in hearing about and sharing your experiences that relate to the content I’ve shared on this site.

2. No cursing/foul language. I recognize that there are times that a good curse word really helps to express the emotion you’re feeling but this is a site for all age levels and so I’m going to keep it PG-13.

3. Keep it short and simple. I’m not going to check your word count but let’s face it, we all have pretty short attention spans so it’s unlikely that anyone is going to read a really long post. I can help edit if I think something is worth publishing but shorter is better.

4. Be yourself or be anonymous. It’s up to you. If your name is Ann Smith, Age 16 and you want me to publish your post as Ann Smith, Age 16 that’s fine with me but if you want me to be Directioner#1, Age 16 that’s fine with me too. I won’t share your geographic location, email or anything else that would be unsafe.  I also won’t spam you or send you unwanted stuff. This is about sharing your words and stories and that’s it.

5. If you’re selling something or just trying to promote something, save yourself the time and effort and don’t bother contacting me as I will simply delete your email and report it as spam. This is about helping other people not promoting. That said, if you’re promoting a charity or want to share info about an initiative other teens may be interested in hearing about I will consider it but I reserve the right to not share if I think it’s inappropriate or not relevant to this site.

6. I reserve the right to add more rules as I think of them.

Ok, I think that’s it. Help me make this site more useful to you and help other teens by sharing your stories.

Help Teens Live Happy!

Here’s how to get in touch with me:

Direct Message me @handook4teens


email me at

Now get writing!




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