The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

The Top 3 Things Your Little Voice Says 2 Make U Not Love U

love summer

Love is not a thing. Love is who you are. If you aren’t loving yourself it’s going to be hard to be loved by others and to truly love others. Unfortunately there is a little voice in your head that is always going to try to undermine your confidence. Here are 3 classic things your little voice says that causes you to not fully love and accept yourself and what you can say in response.

1. You’re not good enough.

Surely your little voice has said this to you before right?

You’re not good enough to be friends with him/her.

You’re not good enough to try out for that team or to join that club.

You’re not good enough to try a new activity.

It doesn’t matter what the words are but if you’re hesitating to do something it could be because you’re hearing this message. In order to love yourself you need to believe you’re good enough.

Tell Your Little Voice: And who do you think you are? I am good enough. I love me.

2. You’re not good looking enough.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy, there are definitely going to be moments when you feel unattractive. Let’s face it, we’re not all supermodels but that doesn’t mean that we’re not all attractive in our own way. Own whatever is good about you. Got a great nose? Own it. Have cute feet? Rock them. Have amazing eyebrows? Show them off! It’s ok if you can only find one small thing you like about yourself. Say it, repeat it and own it.

Tell Your Little Voice: Oh yeah? I might not be as good looking as “X” but I have amazing “blank.” I love me.

3. You’re going to embarrass yourself.

This is a big one because no one likes to do something embarrassing and it’s even more painful when you’re a teen because your peers seem like they’re just waiting to pounce on anyone who shows any kind of weakness. That said, if you don’t take risks and try and stretch, you will never know what you’re capable of accomplishing. Plus, it’s usually when you fail and get back up that you learn about the situation and yourself. With self-knowledge comes self-acceptance and love.

Tell Your Little Voice: Go to hell. If I try and I fail it will only make me stronger. I love me.

So there you have it, three prime examples where your little voice is causing you to doubt yourself which makes it really difficult to like yourself never mind love yourself.

Isn’t it time to tell your little voice to screw off?

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