The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

The Power of Words: How are you using them?

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You’re fat. You’re ugly. No one will ever like you. You’ll never succeed.

Are these words spoken to someone else or words you’re speaking TO yourself? Either way, words are powerful and you need to use them carefully. You can use them to break down or build up. To create joy or fear. Love or hate. Happiness or sadness.

This is a pretty obvious example but think about the power of words in bullying. All it takes is one phrase like “you’re stupid” and all of a sudden the life of the kid being bullied has been changed forever. Now imagine that this kid is told in various ways his entire life that in some way, he’s stupid or not smart enough or not good enough.  It’s very likely that he will forever believe this. He may go on to become one of the most famous or most powerful people in the world but I can promise you that there will always be some little part of him that believes he’s not good enough. So how did he succeed if he believes all this on some level? It’s just that he’s ultimately  chosen to not let those words have power over him and, in fact, he may have used those words to drive his success.

Here’s the real kicker. The words that you use are against someone else are actually being used against yourself. So while calling someone ugly will hurt their feelings, you are really damaging yourself. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase that every action produces a reaction? Same with words. Every word you use causes a reaction in both the receiver of the word AND in yourself so use your words carefully.

Similarly, the words you use in your own head are just as powerful. When you tell yourself you’re ugly, fat or stupid you are giving these words lots of power and you WILL believe them.

So think today about the words you’re using and choose carefully. It matters more than you think.

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