The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

Did U Know U Can Choose 2 B Happy?

You can be happy right here, not tomorrow, not in ten minutes, but now. You can be happy right now. Byron Katie

It feels good to be unhappy sometimes doesn’t it? Oh go ahead and admit it. Once you start sliding into your funk for the day there is a perverse pleasure in being angry, annoyed, pissed, irritated and surly with everyone and everything. Your parents are irritating. Your classmates are annoying. Your teachers…don’t even get me started about the teachers. Even your best friend is getting on your nerves. All you want to do is just sit and listen to sad music on your ipod and wallow in misery. Then something happens and all of a sudden, you forget why you were so blue and start moving through life once again.

Much like you choose to wallow in misery you can actually choose to be happy too. For some reason it seems harder to be happy than sad but with practice, you actually can jolly yourself out of a mood and make the conscious decision to be happy immediately. And I mean immediately. You don’t need to wait for things to help with your mood. You can just choose to be happy. You can start to see good things around you. You can see that your best friend is a good, that your parents just care, that your teacher is trying to help you grow and spread your wings and that your classmates are just struggling with the day just like you are.

See how easy it is to put things in perspective? What’s happy is making the mental decision to change the way you choose to dwell in this world but it just takes practice. So why not start now? Right now! Why not give up whatever crappy mood you’re in at the moment and choose to be happy. Smile at someone. Smile at yourself. Actively choose to not be moody.

Choose Happy. It might just make others around you happy too and wouldn’t that be nice?

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