The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

Attention and Approval: New Age Motivation

A refreshing perspective on social media. You are not your Twitter account!

Trials and Tribulations of High School and Beyond

I don’t understand why so many teens feel the need to gain attention and approval so often by way of social media. I personally am a very private person, so having someone “like” the picture of my mom and I doing a goofy dance move on the Fourth of July is not something I would even like. But the fact that so many teens and people in general do this just to know that people like them and like what they are wearing and doing is crazy. It’s beside me how that’s fulfilling. Obviously I like to get compliments – I’m pretty sure most everyone does. So I can understand where the approval of a new outfit or hairstyle can be nice. It just gets excessive with some people.

When it comes to personal things in life, it’s nice to share with family and friends. What’s not fun is sharing…

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