The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

When in Doubt – Practice Awareness So Your Soul Can Speak

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We’ve talked about using moments of anger or sadness (or any other extreme emotion) as good opportunities to practice awareness but moments of doubt and insecurity are also prime times to look inward.

Anytime you’re about to do something that you feel doubtful about, take a look inside yourself and listen to your little voice. It’s very likely that your little voice/ego  has jumped in and is providing it’s opinion of the situation.

Remember, when practicing awareness you’re not actually engaging your little voice, you’re just taking a peek at it & are becoming aware that it’s talking.

For example, let’s say you want to talk to the boy/girl you have a crush on because they’re standing in front of you in the lunch line but you’re nervous about it because you’re not sure how they’ll respond.

Your little voice is probably saying something like this: You shouldn’t talk to him/her. They’re going to think you’re weird for talking to them and then they’re probably going to go back to their table and talk about the weirdo who talked to them in the lunch line. You’d better just keep your mouth shut unless you want to embarrass yourself.

If you’re not paying attention to your little voice it’s very likely that you’re going to actually listen to it. If, however, you focus on what it’s saying you have the opportunity to block it.

If you replace that little voice with some powerful talk of your own, it’s quite likely you’ll make the bold move you’re considering and have the confidence that, no matter what the outcome is, it’s going to be ok.

Your mind believes what you tell it so if you let your little voice/ego do all the talking, you’re going to live in fear and doubt. Become aware of your little voice and give your True Self a chance at being heard.

Quiet your ego and your soul will speak.

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