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Want to Reach Your Goals? Here’s the 2 Things U Need 2 Do 2 Succeed.

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Successful people are simply those with successful habits.

– Brian Tracy

Setting goals is easy but what prevents us from achieving them?

I think in many cases our road blocks are merely habits that get in the way. For example, to use a common goal, it’s easy to decide that you want to eat healthy but then you don’t give up the habit of drinking soda throughout the day. Or maybe you’ve decided that you really want to learn photography or a new hobby but then every day when you come home from school, you plop down in front of the TV and waste away the time you could be using to work on your goal.

Achieving a goal or a dream is pretty much always going to require you to sacrifice something and that something if often just a habit that you need to break. This doesn’t have to be painful (though it might be tough) but it is necessary. You can have the best intentions in the world but unless you are willing to change and give up something that isn’t serving you well, you’re not likely to achieve the change you’re looking for.

Achieving your goals requires you to do these two things:

1. Give something up.

2. Discipline yourself to do something new.

Start by doing an inventory of how you’re spending your time and identify just one habit that’s holding you back.

Do you need to get up earlier to exercise? Do you need to spend less time watching TV to get your the grades you want? Do you need to drink more water instead of soda to start living healthier? Do you need to replace your after dinner snack with something a little healthier than sweets?

Try it for yourself. Look at your goals and try to find the one habit you can change that’s in your way. Now try doing something new instead but be disciplined about it! Don’t just do it once. Do it for a week or for 21 days. You pick the number – it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you don’t fall back into the same habit and that requires work on your part.

Break one habit and you’ll be amazed at how making a small tweak can really set things into motion.

What habit will you start to break today?


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