The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

Got Passion? You’ll Need It 2 Achieve Your Dreams

katy perry

Want to go to Mars? Or be a race car driver? The scientist who cures cancer? The next big fashion designer? World’s best cupcake maker? World’s best cupcake eater? No matter what your dream is, I’m here to tell you straight up that if you don’t have passion, it ain’t gonna happen.

Dreams are great things but, as I revealed in the 10th secret, there are some concrete things you need to possess or do in order to make them happen and passion is a key ingredient. It’s nice to fill your mind with lots of “what ifs” and “maybe somedays” but if these are just random thoughts  and not something you’re really truly passionate about, they really are nothing more than that –  nice random thoughts.

Think about some of the famous people you admire. I, for one, like Katy Perry. She is someone who never gave up on her dream of singing, even when things got really tough, and now encourages others to do the same. The one thing that kept her going through it all was her passion.  Let’s face it, it’s really easy to give up on a dream when the going gets tough but if you really really want it, if you are 100% passionate about it, you will not be able to give up on that dream.

Dreams require passion.

It’s not just famous people who use passion to fuel their dreams. Check out this story about Alyssa Carson, a teen from Louisiana who wants to go to Mars. She eats, breathes and sleeps this dream and I have no doubt that she will achieve it because of her passion. Surely you have examples of your own. Maybe you are a living example of how passion can fuel a dream. If so, tell me about it!

So, take some time and think about your dreams. Which are dreams you really want to achieve and which are just random thoughts that would be cool to achieve. Which dream really makes your heart rate increase? Which one makes your skin tingle? Which one keeps you up at night? That’s the one you have passion for. That’s the dream to focus on.



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