The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

Every Decision Counts So Who R U Becoming?


I was watching a show yesterday and the speaker noted that all the small decisions we make throughout the day add up and that ultimately, we end up becoming those decisions. It’s not really rocket science but it did make me pause. I started to question all the habits I have and all the things I do without even thinking about them and wondered who I was becoming as a result. (And we are becoming all the time so don’t fool yourself by thinking that this process ever really stops.)

I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but many of the decisions you make as a teen really will define your life. Again, this isn’t really breaking news and you probably sense this deep down but have you really thought about what it means? Have you looked at your every day actions with a critical eye and asked yourself, “Who am I becoming?”

Ask yourself some of these questions: Do you treat people the way you want to be treated? Do you respect others? Do you respect yourself? Do you make decisions based on what others want for you or what you want for you? Do you say yes or no to life? Do you love yourself and others? Do you accept yourself and others? Are you kind? Caring? Compassionate? Thoughtful? Open? Inquisitive? Do you procrastinate or get things done? Are you neat or sloppy? Careful or daring? Do you challenge yourself or take the easy way out? IPhone or Android?

The answers are up to you but they do matter. The cool thing is that you get to decide who you want to be in this life. The only instructions I have for you is that you have to pay attention to who you are becoming along the way. If you don’t pay attention, everyday decisions become habits and habits, as you know, are hard to break.

So stop every once and awhile and look at your habits, your friends, your decisions and ask yourself, “Is this who I want to be? Is this who I am becoming?” The answers just might surprise you.



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