The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

Do U have Challenges or Opportunities? Words Matter

“The name we give to something shapes our attitude toward it.”  – Katherine Paterson

That test is going to be so hard.

The team we’re going up against is going to be really tough to beat.

Getting into the college of my dreams is going to be impossible.

Life is filled with all kinds of challenges. But wait…are they challenges or are they opportunities? Your perspective on all these moments in life matters and, believe it or not, the words you use to think about them matters too. When you have something coming up that makes you a little nervous or gives you butterflies in your stomach, change the way you think about it. Every moment in life presents you with a new opportunity to succeed and be your best self. If you don’t do as well as you’d like at something (let’s say you don’t get a good grade on that test), vow that you’re going to try harder next time and look at that next time as your next opportunity to do better. Note that I said opportunity – not challenge!

If you look at everything life throws at you as a challenge your life is likely to be….well…challenging!

Be positive. Think positive. Live positive. Speak positive. It sounds simple but it matters.

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