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10 Helpful Facts and Pieces of Advice From Someone Who Is Definitely Not Worthy of Presenting Facts or Giving Advice

This blog post just cracked me up. I find the advice about hot chocolate mix to be wise indeed (though I’m not sure I would have imbibed but I appreciate the civic-mindedness of the action!) I, for one, will also definitely be trying the extra shots in my frappuchino!


That’s me! But, as I often do, I felt the need to be goofy and pretend to know more than I actually know, so here I go…..

1) Thieves oil is magical. Seriously, it’s pretty much a cure-all, and it smells really yummy 😀

2) When You Reach Me is an amazing book (and a really easy read) on time travel with a totally mind-blowing twist. I love it. If you’re a sci-fi fan, read it. Just read it. READ IIIIT.

3) Hot chocolate mix will not mix into milk unless the milk is actually hot. I made the mistake of trying this the other day because nobody TOLD me that it wouldn’t work, and I ended up with a glass of chocolate sludge. Which I drank. I mean, I didn’t want to like, WASTE it….. (There are poor starving children in Africa, okay? They would’ve LOVED that chocolate sludge.)

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