The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

Shift Your Life & Perspective with One Simple Exercise

Have you ever noticed that you can just sort of float through life without really noticing what’s going on around you? Think about your day for a moment. You get up, stumble into the bathroom, get dressed, head out, drink some coffee, start your day, get through your day, eat some lunch, drink some coffee, come home, eat some dinner, drink some more coffee (ok, maybe I just drink this much coffee), do whatever it is you do in the evening and go back to bed to start all over again. We all get into this rhythm of life but we’re so asleep while we’re living we miss most of what’s going on around us.

Here’s a little exercise you can try to see every day things in a new light. Let’s take a tree as an example, A long time ago, someone decided that this large thing in front of us with a trunk and leaves should be called a tree. Ever since then, we have all walked around like little robots acknowledging in our periphery: Tree. Tree. Tree. Another Tree. Tree. Big Tree. Small tree. Dead Tree. Pretty Tree. Green Tree. Blah blah blah.

Now imagine that you have never seen a tree before. Imagine that you are just seeing this amazing thing for the first time and you have no idea what it is and you have no idea what it’s named. In fact, maybe it doesn’t even need a name. Maybe it just is. Really take some time to look at it. Look at how the sun filters through the leaves. Listen to how the wind blows through the branches. Look at the birds and bugs that use it’s trunk and branches for food, for support, for protection. Step back and really notice this thing that you previously have just skimmed over as tree.

Sort of makes you look at life a little differently doesn’t it? Once in awhile, try this little exercise with different items that you see and encounter in your every day life. Decide to notice it for the first time. Forget what you think you know about it including it’s name. Open your eyes to what is really before you. It’s a small but powerful way to shift your perspective which inevitably, shifts who you are just a little bit and that’s a good thing.

You try it now. Look at something around you. See if differently. Notice it. Describe it. Really really notice it. How did it shift your perspective? What did it make you think? Share with me and others to help teens live happy!

Psssst…..I’ve Discovered the Meaning of Life. Try this experiment & see for yourself!

pink sweater love

Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us.  

– Marianne Williamson

Ok stop reading.

Go back and re-read the quote above really carefully. Did you catch that last part? That to experience love in ourselves in others is the meaning of life? It’s true. I talked about this more detail when I presented 5th Secret but now I want you to try a little experiment to test it out for yourself.

It’s really simple.

Starting tomorrow, for 24 hours, approach every situation you’re in and every person you meet with love.

You don’t have to speak your love aloud or say a word, just mentally wrap them up in love. Picture a beam of pink light covering them from head to toe! It doesn’t matter what it looks like to you – just send out the love.

– Stuck in traffic? Send out love to everyone in the cars around you.

– Dealing with a nasty person at your job or in line at Starbucks? Stop thinking about how annoying they are and instead quietly and mentally wrap them up in love.

– Parents annoying you? Siblings being pests? Take a deep breath and blow some love at them.

– Not getting along with a friend? Chalk it up to them having a bad day and throw some loving thoughts their way.

Don’t go into this with any expectations – that’s not how this works. But, by the end of the day, you will find that you’ve actually had a pretty awesome day and I promise, whether you know it or not, the love you sent out was received.

Love. That’s the meaning of life.

Share this experiment with others and let me know how you do!




L.O.V.E. Who Do I Love? Me! Me!

sleepy puppy

Sounds pretty self-centered right? I love me?

In my last post I talked about the 5th secret which is that life is all about love but what I didn’t tell you is that love actually needs to start with loving yourself. Let’s be clear about something though. I’m not suggesting that you become some kind of ego maniac who thinks they are better than everyone else. If you’ve been reading along with me you know that if you feel that way it’s actually your ego at work which is not the real you. No, what I’m talking about is deeper and more real than that.

Love is one of the most incredible things we have in our existence. It is pure, warm, comforting, complete and filled with joy. You know this about love when you experience it from others or when you see it’s existence in the world or when you look at a puppy. You can’t help but feel all fuzzy and warm inside when you experience love. So why wouldn’t you want to love yourself?

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Sometimes it’s ok to talk to yourself. Want to know why? Do this exercise.


Got a problem? An issue? A conundrum? Are you afraid to do something? Unsure of how to proceed? Why not ask yourself for the answer. I know that sounds strange but sometimes we already have the answers inside of us but we can’t see them for whatever reason.


Imagine yourself sitting on the bench above and imagine that you’re sitting next to yourself. After you’re done admiring how good looking you are, go ahead and ask away. What do you want to know?

You can ask things like:

How did you solve this issue?

When did things get easier?

What did you do to figure out problem X?

How did you stop stressing about Y?

What did you do to get over Z?

You may not get the specific answer you’re looking for but I guarantee you’ll answer back. After all, everyone loves to be asked for their opinion. Even when you ask yourself.

Start a conversation. You never know what you might learn.



Top 10 Teen Examples When U Know Your Ego is at Work

brain blah blah blah

So, in my last post I revealed the 1st Secret for Teens which is:

Secret #1: You are not the little voice in your head.

That little voice/your ego is so chattery and yabbery it can sometimes be hard to know when you’re barely hearing it  versus when you’re listening and reacting to it.

Here are some examples of when your ego/little voice is at work and when you’re all ears:

1. You text your friend and she doesn’t immediately text you back.

Your little voice says: “She didn’t text you back. She’s probably mad at you. What did you do? I bet she’s actually talking about you to someone else right now.”

You: Spend the rest of the night worrying about it and check your phone every 5 seconds.

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