The Secret Handbook 4 Teens

Thank U All So Much! Over 4,000 Twitter Followers & Readers in 30 Countries!

large thank you

This note is to simply thank all of you for your support and for reading my Tweets and blog posts. (See, I’m also practicing Secret #8!) I now have readers from literally all over the world (over 30 countries) and today reached 4,000 Twitter followers. I truly and sincerely hope what I am posting is helpful and I continue to seek your advice, thoughts, comments and feedback. This site was created for and continues to be all about YOU so please publish with me, send me your feedback, Tweet me your problems and I promise I will be there for you.

My goal is to help teens live happy by sharing all of the “secrets”, tips, tools and advice that you usually don’t encounter until you’re older (and usually after many painful experiences.) I’m sharing this info with you now so you can start to think about it and put it into use today and throughout your life.

I have Secrets #9 and #10 coming soon (and #10 literally is the one that’s going to change your life) and so much more to cover with you on this journey. I’m also thinking up some additional creative ideas for how to share this info with you in a more useful and practical way so keep reading along with me!

Stay tuned for even more stuff to help you live happy!

And again, THANK YOU!



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